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Hello ! from Melbourne..

Welcome to my website.

I am an author, illustrator, artist, and art educator who lives and works in Melbourne.

“A creative process may begin with a flash of a new idea or with a hunch. It may just start as noodling around with a problem, getting some fresh ideas along the way. It’s a process, not a single event, and genuine creative processes involve critical thinking as well as imaginative insights and fresh ideas.”

Sir Ken Robinson

View my video and explore the posts on illustrating, drawing, painting and writing processes.

Have fun ….and Do !

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What’s in the post?

Very exciting to have received advanced copies of ‘Shadowcat’ delivered to my door! The BEST moment….. ‘SHADOWCAT’ written by Julia Louise, illustrated by Anne Ryan and published by Five Mile Press to be released in August. Out soon….

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What is a ‘Story Drawer’?

Stories can come from anywhere and it’s fun to collect things that spark a story or a new idea. This is my ‘Story Drawer’. It was my first school bag. It is like a hard drive from my childhood and it helps me to access all the stories from my inner child. The green bottle…

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How does drawing promote storytelling?

Children draw for all sorts of reasons as they learn to make sense of the world around them. As with imaginative play, drawing can be a means to express emotions, tell stories, solve problems, shape experiences and develop imagination. Children often use oral storytelling and role play to accompany their drawing activities. If you want…

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