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Creative Story time workshops

I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to deliver new workshops to the children of all three Primary School campuses at Woady Yallock last week.

The Foundation and Year one students enjoyed connecting with my new picture book, Follow the Rainbow through collaborative drawing and storytelling activities.

The children made excellent connections to their own country lifestyles and experiences of the natural environments in which they live with a variety of story elements throughout the book.

I shared some collage techniques that I used in the making of the illustrations for the book. These talented artists experimented with a simple mono printing process to create their own coloured papers before creating their own artworks inspired by the story.

 We discussed the advantages of recycling scrap papers and thought more about how we can create interesting new artworks by repurposing discarded materials. The children enjoyed incorporating sustainable creative practices into their learning and art making.

A huge thank you to the dedicated staff and student communities at Scarsdale Primary School, Snake Valley Primary School, Smythesdale Primary School and Ross Creek Primary School for contributing with warmth and enthusiasm to my new workshops.

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