Anne Ryan

Creative Drawing Course at Malvern School of Art (children 8 -13)

   Creative Drawing Course ( children 8 – 13)

Storytelling and drawing are a fun and natural partnership for children.

Narratives emerge naturally when children are given the freedom to relax and engage in creative drawing activities. Oral storytelling and image making can be a vehicle for children to reinforce social connections, explore meaning and develop a sense of belonging with others.

The Creative Drawing Course at Malvern School of Art promotes a supportive environment for children to expand their individual style and express their imagination through problem solving and visual literacy.

Every week in Term three the class showed enthusiasm for experimental techniques with new materials and explored stories from a variety of animal sources.

The personal stories about pet behaviours, favourite animals and hybrid combinations were a never ending source of inspiration that guided the artwork of each student.

I am looking forward to the storytelling and creative drawing ideas next week inspired by the sporting and holiday events that the children have been enjoying through the holiday break.

Thanks to the brilliant artists from the Creative Drawing course at the

Malvern School of Art

You should be so proud !!!


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