Unforeseen Circumstances


Written and Illustrated by Anne Ryan

This is one of my earliest drafts for Unforeseen Circumstances. The writing continues to evolve and develop throughout the illustrating process. There are many drafts and many changes during the development of the book.Picture1


Can you see what Logan’s name was in the early stages of the story writing?


Did the fish shop owner have a name?






I use thumbnails, storyboards and dummy books to develop my illustrations. These are two of the dummy books that I made to develop this picture book.


The dummy book helps to develop the design considerations of the finished artwork. The focus of the readers eye, flow of page design, balance and proportion of character, background details and layout of the text, are all sampled and trialed in this format.





‘Maybe the beach has been taken over by cats and dogs, thought Logan.’







Inspiration for the story came from the whale watching beach in Warrnambool called Logan’s beach. Southern Right whales have been spotted with their calves there for many years during the winter months.



End papers are so much fun. I loved using monotones for this textured sandy sketch. It reminds me of drawing in the sand at the beach.