Anne Ryan

Improving drawing skills through play!

Children observe detail and form through self directed play.

As they build, create , problem solve and develop storytelling through play experiences, children can develop observational awareness of form. Play is engaging, social, develops language and imagination and is lots of fun.

Toys are a great source of reference for observational drawing. These ‘Bionicles’ have been a family favorite inspiring many artworks and storytelling experiences and hours of play.

The Creative Drawing class  at the Malvern School of Art took on the challenging task of using these creative robots to inspire their art making this weekend. Over the two hour lesson their drawings developed more detailed as they became more familiar with the form and finer detail of the building material. Learning to look carefully at things is an excellent way to develop knowledge and visual literacy skills.

Students progressed quickly to develop storytelling ideas from their play experiences.

What a wonderful afternoon having FUN! Thanks to the ongoing efforts of the talented artists at Malvern School of Art!

Looking forward to a new generation of Bionicle lovers!

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