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‘Plein Air’ painting


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Plein air painting is a french term used to describe an artist who works outside.

front-slide-crayons-and-booksWe picked the perfect Melbourne day today to take the easels and paint outside at Gasworks Arts Park and take inspiration from the wonderful Farmers’ Market crowd.
Our Crayons and Books artists enjoyed creating stories about the dogs, the food, the shopping and the natural environment. As we sat under the shade of the beautiful trees we started to create stories and artworks inspired by our surroundings.

Birds were a popular choice for new character development ideas. The artists made curious drawings of birds shopping at the farmers’ market with their trolleys and shopping bags. They also drew  birds singing songs. There was an ice cream stall and a GIANT mango! And a colourful red ‘Charlie’ character who would have made a very attractive knitted toy for a new picture book. We even thought of descriptive words for flowers starting with ‘B’ to help my new picture book story……

But there’s more!

In no time at all, we had a new script idea and a storyboard with 3 problems, and a resolution. Which was just as well because someone had to write:

Well done to our very inspiring artists!





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