For Pre School and Prep years

Materials Needed

Children can make their own rainbow books to draw in and decorate. For Pre school children precut the rainbow window front covers as shown below.

  1. Create a rainbow template.

2. Fold coloured A4 paper in half. Trace the rainbow template in the middle of the front cover page.

3. Cut out the rainbow shape.

3. Create inside pages of the book with folded A4 white paper.

Children can decorate the first page with coloured paper strips.

5. Add string to collate the pages into a finished book.

Young children love making their own handmade books to draw and create their own visual stories.

Their story structure is loose and spontaneous as they respond freely to their ideas and imagination, making connection to their own experiences and the world around them.

For Prep – Year 3

Materials Needed:

Discuss the characters (verbal and non verbal) in the story.

Discuss the profiles of the main characters:

Draw a character from the story. Use cut collage techniques to create an artwork.

Ruby is the main character in the story ‘Follow the Rainbow’. Her green beanie and red gumboots tell us more about the weather conditions in the book.

Simple shapes cut from coloured scrap paper create Ruby’s form and action, giving the reader more detail about her character and significant connections to the text.

The character’s facial expressions tell us a lot about how the character is feeling and adds more information to the storytelling.

Create a character using cut paper. Communicate how the character is feeling through their facial expression.

Experiment with the placement, direction, size and shape of the eyes and face etc to create different emotions for your character.

Here are some examples you might like to try.

Emotions and facial expressions

This video demonstrates some helpful tips to create your characters. Explore techniques for developing facial expressions and communicating feelings and emotions in your character collages.