Anne Ryan

Tactile fun

During the many lockdowns of 2021, I enjoyed reconnecting with a variety of art mediums and processes that I have not had time to tinker with for several years. I began making “one off” hand embroidered tote bags featuring my latest illustrations from my poetry book RapperBee.

It was such an enjoyable way to relax in the evenings with these new projects.

I was reminded of the tactile pleasure of working with yarns and fabrics and how calming it was to focus my mind on these simple hand activities. I love the feel of the fabric and the simple motion and rhythm of the stitching. Although I chose to keep them monotone, I still enjoyed selecting the colours and working on different textures with simple stitches.

 As we were all spending way too much time on our screens, my embroidery was a welcome relief and workout on my hands and fingers. It was definitely positive mindfulness and it helped compensate for the challenges of a more sedentary lifestyle that we had adjusted to during the pandemic.

RapperBee was released by Ford Street Publishing in October 2021 and I have become quite attached to bringing these illustrations to life on playful library bags.

They have become a great companion packages for the release of this fun book.

There are so many wonderful poems in RapperBee (written by Harry Laing), I’m finding that each illustration takes on its own personality with these fun library bags. They have become original artworks themselves.

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