Anne Ryan

Visual thinking and sketchbook fun

Watching  some characters just appear on the page with all their personality and  pre-exsisting back story, can be a mystery even to the artist.

It sometimes takes a while to recognise the appeal or potential of a character and that it ‘s  not just another ‘extra’ in the rolling scenes of sketchbook pages.

In the same way that stories and writing needs time and space to incubate before you can glance back over your work for gems, so does the creation of visual literacy.

I love finding examples of the creative thinking process unraveling in other artists’ work. I enjoy spotting the ‘Eureka’ moments in their sketchbooks and visual development. It is often easier to recognise your own practices through the experiences of others, which can be a very affirming experience.

At the Wallace and Gromit exhibition at ACMI in 2017, snippets of  visual thinking were obvious in Nick Park’s brilliant sketchbooks, storyboards and character development as he pushed his ideas across the pages.

I love keeping all my sketchbooks and playing with new character ideas.Eventually some characters keep popping up again and again.

Like a new neighbour in the street.

Like all good neighbours they soon become very familiar ol’ friends.

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