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Young Australian Art and Writers’ Awards

The Young Australian Art Awards was established in 2006 as a national forum for school students of all ages to showcase their creative talents.

I was fortunate to be invited by the Children’s Charity Network to join the judging team for the Young Australian Artist awards in 2022.

Experienced judges, Marjory Gardner and Marc McBride have been promoting and supporting young talented artists across Australia for many years. Their generous voluntary contributions have facilitated the opportunity for our young artists to find a voice and be acknowledged for the intrinsic value of their creative pursuits.

The Young Australian Art Awards consist of four categories,

  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Computer Art
  • Photography

Students from Foundation years to Senior School students submitted their works in age categories. Each piece of work was judged separately and then the votes were collated to determine the winner

This year’s Young Australian Art Award for 2022 was awarded to Sarah Hiscocks from Mackellar Girls Campus( NSW), for her painting entitled ‘Rainbow Dragon’.

In recognition of our creative writers the Young Australian Writer Awards was presented to Rohnan Ahl for his written story entitled ‘A Funny Thing‘. Rohnan is a senior student from Scotch College. (Victoria)

Supported and judged by the C.D Dodd Indigenous Program, the Young Indigenous Artist of the Year Award for 2022 was presented to Brenton Thorne, from Camlea Park (Victoria), for his work entitled ‘Crawling near the Southern River’.

It was a thrill to support and meet such a diverse and talented pool of young artists who were proud to attend the awards ceremony. Winners were flown to Melbourne with their families to celebrate their achievements and collect their awards at a special dinner in their honor.

Our culture thrives when we nurture our young creative thinkers, storytellers and artists. I was very proud to be able to support this event and celebrate the inspiring individuals who participated.

This unique opportunity for all entries to be judged according to their age groups, allows a safe and supported space for young students to express their creative ideas freely, without being compared to artists who have had more life experience or many more years of art practice.

As artists, we are in constant search of the AWE factor! The energy that brings your work to life and makes it human.

What makes your art interesting and unique is YOU!

As we get older we begin to filter, edit and control our decisions to avoid making errors. But an exceptional artist is always challenging this voice and resisting that adult voice by inventing new ways to revisit the playful experimental thinking that we have in spades as children.

It was understandable therefore that my personal Judge’s Choice Award was this joyful and expressive portrait by year 1 student Queenia Lui AM Studio (NSW) which she called ‘My Funny Dad’.

I am so grateful to have been a part of this wonderful program for 2022 and look forward to many more talented artists contributing again next year.

Visit Oz Kids website to submit entries for 2023.

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